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Our Produce

Our Produce

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(Coming back to your table soon)

Microgreens are small, young plants harvested as seedlings, early in their growth cycle before the emergence of many (or any) true leaves. They are packed with flavor and have a nutrient content significantly higher than more mature plants.

Because microgreens can be grown in controlled environments and have a very fast production cycle (usually less than two weeks), it is possible to continuously harvest all year. This means you will always be eating fresh microgreens harvested within the last few days, which preserves taste and nutrition.

The combination of nutrition, freshness, flavor, crunch, and color make microgreens a perfect ingredient for home cooks and restaurant chefs.

Culinary Herbs

(Coming soon to your table)

Fresh herbs add brightness and flavor to any dish. Who doesn’t love sofrito with super-fresh cilantro, or a mojito with super fresh mint leaves?

Unfortunately, fresh herbs loose their flavor quickly. Our locally produced, hydroponically grown fresh herbs make foods and beverages pop with flavor.


(Coming soon to your table)

Hydroponic berries can be grown year round. Strawberries are no longer just a summer crop! Enjoy a variety of berries for dessert, salad, or whole.

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Leafy Greens

(Coming soon to your table)

Lettuce, spinach and their leafy-green cousins are great for salads, sandwiches, soups, and more. They also don’t last very long after they’re harvested, and most varieties don’t grow well in tropical climates.

Our controlled-environment, hydroponic lettuce and greens are fresh, nutrition, delicious.

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