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Agriculture for a sustainable Puerto Rico

85% of all fruits and vegetables consumed in Puerto Rico are imported.

Ours are not.

Growing Puerto Rico Microgreens in climate controlled grow room
Growing Puerto Rico lettuce growing in climate controlled greenhouse

We use modern hydroponic methods to locally grow delicious, healthy, clean produce in hurricane-resilient, climate-smart greenhouses.  This system is specifically designed to overcome the challenges of Puerto Rico’s tropical environment.

We also grow specialty food crops in soil using regenerative, organic methods at our farm in Guánica.

We distribute this super-fresh, local produce directly to consumers, restaurants, resorts, and specialty markets without the delays and markups introduced by distributors and middlemen.

Join us at every Palmas Farmers Market

Pre-order and Pick up fresh, local produce at the Palmas Farmers Market


El Jibarito Coffee

100% single origin coffee from the mountains of Puerto Rico now available!

Red, ripe fruit from the Caturra, Limani, and Frontón varieties of coffee plants grown in the Cordillera Central mountain region of Puerto Rico then roasted to perfection.

Food Sovereignty

Local food production direct to consumers and restaurants. We remove non-local production, eliminate wasteful fossil fuels for transcontinental & trans-oceanic transportation, and questionable production methods.


Our non-GMO produce is grown under plentiful Puerto Rican sunshine, without chemical pesticides or fertilizers, employing methods that use 90% less water than traditional.


Year round weekly (or more frequent) harvest with direct distribution for healthy and delicious farm to table experience.