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Investment Opportunity

Growing Puerto Rico now offers investors an opportunity to participate in our hurricane-resilient greenhouse production.

Sprung hurricane resistant greenhouses for Growing Puerto Rico

A lot of time is spent talking about the problems we face in Puerto Rico’s food system.  Politicians talk about the problems and float vague solutions.  Chefs struggle to produce consistently high-quality, unique menus with the same limited, old ingredients.  Consumers complain about quality and variety of food in supermarkets and restaurants.  Major media institutions publish and republish the same tired content, bemoaning the same problems and focusing on the same vague, incomplete, and untenable solutions.  All the while, farmers either stop farming or continue to farm the same way they have farmed for decades, at the mercy of Puerto Rico’s consistently unpredictable, extreme weather and pests. 

We don’t spend much time admiring problems, and we think many others have grown tired of doing this as well.  We’re doers.  We’re improving Puerto Rico’s food sovereignty, and we’re looking for investors to join us.

Growing Puerto Rico Venn Diagram for impact and Revenue Opportunity

Our solution is simple. 

  1. We build hurricane-resilient, high-tech, climate-smart greenhouses at our farm in Guánica, Puerto Rico
  2. We use hydroponic systems to reliably grow a huge assortment of fresh, clean, health, and delicious fruits and vegetables all year, with no nasty pesticides, herbicides or GMOs using 90% less water
  3. We get our produce directly to consumers, restaurants, specialty markets, and others at fair prices quickly and efficiently without enriching distributors and wholesalers.

Our solution is sustainable.

  1. Our business model is profitable, allowing investors to see a return on that their investment while also allowing reinvestment into our growth and improvement.
  2. We create good, well-paying jobs in the agricultural sector in Guánica, one of the most economically fragile regions of Puerto Rico.
  3. As members of our community, we reach out with programs encourage further positive changes to Puerto Rico’s food system through education, partnerships, alliances, and leadership by example.

You can learn more and participate in this investment by contacting us.  The complete offering can be viewed at InvestPR’s Impeller site.